Cultural Consultancy



  • Telling stories; capturing value

  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data.

  • Creative reflective processes to capture the authentic experiences of participants.

  • Collecting reliable information to enable projects and organisations to move forward with confidence.

  • Painting a vivid picture of the value and impact of work to inform funders, partners and policy makers.

  • Designing and setting up monitoring and evaluation processes which can become an integral part of the way in which you do things

  • Recent projects include: Fluxx Improvisation Theatre; Sing Up Awards; Library of Birmingham, Reference Works, The Rep Furnace programme, Creative People and Places ( for Icarus); Little Earthquake’s “The ChildrenWho Became Producers”.



Ikon Gallery (Loop the Loop)


Creative People and Places – (national evaluation with ICARUS)


Birmingham REP’s Furnace project

Library of Birmingham (Reference Works)

Little Earthquake (The Children who Became Producers)


Wee Stories are extremely grateful for all the work Kate Organ facilitated with the organisation. She guided us through a difficult process sensitively and supportively and created an environment where [..] we were able to work togetherto reach the most effective solution for the way forward for our company.

Sarah Gray,Producer,Wee Stories,Edinburgh