Cultural Consultancy



Strengthening Organisations

Helping you to review company issues, structure, culture and goals. Devising and managing effective processes for productive change. Creating a dynamic and useful business plan. Strengthening governance and stability through work with the board. Exploring options with an open mind, while drawing on extensive knowledge of many scenarios and organisational models. Assembling other specialist support as necessary (technical, financial, fund-raising).

Coachiing & facilitation

Member of the Association for Coaching, the leading UK body for professional development and ethical coaching practice. Tailored support for individuals, teams, and organisations – so they can clarify their purpose, and reach their potential and be active in the changes they need or encounter.



Creating reflective processes to capture what can be learnt from arts and community projects. Exploring the authentic experiences of participants and telling their stories. Evaluating what matters.

speaking & writing

Organisational reviews, project evaluations and strategic plans all require succinctly expressed insights into key issues. Written reports and live presentations expressed with clarity and vivid narratives.