Cultural Consultancy

Strengthening Organisations

Strengthening Organisations - working with boards & WorkfoRces

I can help you carry out an independent organisational review which will:

  • define your vision, mission, values, competencies and core business strategy

  • review the context for your work

  • use scenario planning to reveal options and help you make informed decisions to adjust your work to meet new circumstances

  • engage the commitment and understanding of all staff, stakeholders and board members in defining objectives and managing the change process

  • consult, coach and train at an organisational, departmental, team or individual level from review to implementation

  • work with a variety of tools and processes to suit your company ethos, structure, style and circumstances and find the best solutions for you

  • bring on board specialist associates for specific aspects of your company

  • bring an independent and experienced perspective based on wide experience of arts organisations and charities at all scales and a wide and current knowledge of the cultural landscape across the UK


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Kate Organ produced a diagnostic report for a regularly funded organisation experiencing extreme financial and managerial difficulties which produced incisive insights on complicated issues in an accessible and direct way. Kate’s approach was thorough and with the key participants – sensitive to their own situation; her report clearly structured with recommendations that demonstrated a clear understanding of the key issues and providing useful reference for not only the organisation but also local authorities & the Arts Council.

Andrew Miller, Music Officer, Arts Council England